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JoJo Cartroth
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Norfolk Island
This is a joint DeviantArt account where we'll be sharing our drawings and our collabs. May they be good or bad, you'll see everything here!

Most of it is posted by Chiryuu. If you want to support the cause, feel free to donate a buck <3
Hey there, Chiryuu here,

Started on a small one man project called ManaStruck. I intent to design custom races with a world that's as beautiful on the outside as it is unpredictable on the inside.

It tells of a world where Mana is a physical thing, no different than oxygen. It can still be used for magic and even devices.
Average to small amounts are harmless and able for usage, large amounts can be destructive in obvious and less obvious ways. It might destroy someone's body from the inside, drive someone insane, turn someone's body into a timebomb.
I want this world to feel unpredictable and unique. I want it to feel violent and scary without it looking that dark.

I have started on a set of ideas for races as well as created a map. I'll probly start posting stuff here instead of on Google docs.


Grenbar Trahsif
A sketch on a new character on my project. He's a good-hearted, to-be mayor, goblin that fights for goblin rights and equality. Goes dark after adventurers murder his village and family for loot.
Kiya Allera - Brocken
Commissioned work from Kiya Allera.
Race designed for ManaStruck.

A nature type being. A small creature that has the power to influence nature. They communicate through fungus and spores with plants and can build themselves a bigger body made out of plants and sometimes trees. The entire being is alive and consists out of multiple kinds of plants, but the host controls them. Often found harmless.Brocken are small, often not reaching higher than one's knee. Often have something like a flower or bark on their back the blend in with their surroundings or bury themselves in the ground. Their faces might seem scary to some, so they hide it with a piece of bark, used as a mask. You can often tell where they’re from by the type of bark they’re wearing.

Kiya Allera - Oni M
Commissioned artwork by Kiya Allera
Original race designed for ManaStruck

Horned humanoids with a variety of abilities, often somewhat gruesome or involving self-harm in theme with extreme control of the body. Come in different kinds of skin colours, most prevalent being red and are often seen with long or big flamboyant hair despite being hunters. Respecting culture and traditions, they often seem tribal but are actually pretty intellectual when it comes to things in nature and are very aware of technological advancements around them.Pointy ears, horns, poofy hair and muscles usually make them stand out.
In terms of clothing it doesn't matter much, will often complain a lot of it's too restricting, so they are usually seen with baggy clothing.

Ability example: Skin control with skin ripping off, hair control, blood control emptying their own blood, muscle control exerting muscles or ripping them, extremely good vision causing bleeding eyes, extremely good hearing causing bleeding ears, control over their bones/ making them stick out from lower arm as sword f.e. .

Kiya Allera - White Oni
Commissioned artwork by Kiya Allera.
Original race for ManaStruck
The White Oni. While their hair is usually straight, they tend to make it as flamboyant as possible as well using pins, decorations or gels. The white Oni can be found in colder regions and will often wear clothes with fur to keep warmth, but will still prefer for it to be somewhat free or skimpy for movement during combat. The white Oni will be seen using morphing abilities where they have a ulterior form, ranging from something like a bird-like being to a dragon or something completely unrecognizable. Only few have full forms, most will only use partial transformations for things such as claws, wings, or even gills.


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